Quality, Flexibility and Challenge

Sharp Metal is a combo of experience and innovation.

“The experience of the past keeps going with the technologies of the present, looking to the future”

Sharp Metal project has been started in 2013 with an industrial goal, ambitious and well-determined: restoring the unique Italian manufacturer of carbide inserts and molds. The challenge relies on two important pillars on one hand knowhow obtained in 80 years of activity in the chip-removal business and on the other handthe international experience.

The whole, combined with the talent of the new human resources and with the new investments in technological and progressive equipment , ha has resulted in a new way of doing business able to compete at the highest levels of the market and to offer the new investments in technological and progressive equipment, has resulted in a new way of doing business, able to compete at the highest levels of the market and to offer the best economic conditions.

What do we do?

Reality 100% Made in Italy

Sharp Metal is proud to be a company 100% made in Italy, monitored by an interconnected management system which controls all the production departments, the customers requests and the activities of the outsourcers, by using 4.0 technologies. The integrated quality system, used in every production step, ensures a total control of the finished product and a low level of non-conformity of the same.

Manufacturing Overview

Our design and projecting software allow to replicate any solutions under the geometrical and metallurgical point of view. This exclusive service(REPLICA)allows our customers to substitute a product of another producer with a Sharp Metal product, identical in terms of aesthetic and of performance.

The mold department is one of the most sophisticated added values of the company, with a remarkable quality level, confirmed by our competitors too, and a portfolio of more than 3.000 products available. Thanks to the important investments, Sharp Metal is able to provide any type of solutionby reducing the timing and ensuring the certainty of the result.

Satellite organization

Sharp Metal is the leader of a network of companies, all involved in the same business field, but each one independent and specialized in a single aspect of the production chain. This organization is 100% controlled by Sharp Metal and it has made it possible to achieve a final product of absolute quality and satisfaction.


Sharp Metal aims to supply its commercial partners at the best, by implementing the production processes year by year and by checking every details of the production cycle. This attention, combined with our ambition and will to achieve higher and higher results, pushes us to look for newer solutions to satisfy our customers!


What distinguishes Sharp Metal from the other competitors is a simple and well organized structure, at the disposal of the customers and able to answer to any requests within 24h. Our reaction times and our care to satisfy the request of our customers are a dominance recognized by our competitors too!


Quality is our first mission. Every production phase is monitored and tracked by the integrated management system, in order to have the total control of each activity performed in our plant.


We live our present and every occasion as a challenge to improve our services, our quality, and our performances. This is why each goal is only a new starting point toward new discoveries and improvements.

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