Sharp Metal produces and provides ISO Carbide inserts to perform any mechanical operations of turning, milling, parting and scarfing.

Proud to be a reality 100% Made in ItalySharp Metal aims to produce only high-quality productsThis is possible thanks to an integrated management system, which controls all the production departments, the customers’ requests and the activities of the outsourcers, by using the innovations of 4.0 technologies.

The integrated quality system, used in every production step, ensures a total control of the finished product and a low level of non-conformity of the same.

Our range of products

The illustrated products are only a part of the main solutions in use
Sharp Metal counts more than 3000 types of molds available.


Why choosing Sharp Metal products?

  • First quality RTP raw Material:
    Exclusively supplied by HYPERION group, with whom Sharp Metal has been working together and developing new solutions for years.

  • Peripheral grinding operations and cutting edges preparation:
    Sharp Metal is able to provide any types of geometry or grinding with extreme accuracy, thanks to the collaboration with specialized partner.

  • PVD and CVD coating technologies:
    Sharp Metal works together with specialized partner for the PVD and CVD coating, by offering a wide range of solutions, in accordance with the need.

  • Accredited testing center:
    All solutions are tested in accredited centers all over Europe.
    This allows us in having a multiplicity of results, in order to improve and finalize every new solutions at the best.