Replica program is an innovative and exclusive service offered by Sharp Metal, which allows to reproduce any type of products, identical for Geometry, Base and Coating, and by ensuring a result of absolute satisfaction.

How does it work?

To study the project, we will just need three samples of the product to replicate and in fast times, we will provide your REPLICA.

How is the REPLICA supplied?

The program also comprehends the study and development of a customized packaging and a dedicated laser marking which will make the product recognizable in the market..

Which are the advantages?

You shouldn’t change the catalog or train your salesmen. Sharp Metal, thanks to its technologies, will ensure continuity and zero time and energy waste.

In addition, the realization of the project and of its mold will be at the exclusive use of the customer:as a matter of fact, Sharp Metal ensures exclusive right to its partner, by avoiding competition between the same.


Come to discover a smart service able to satisfy your real needs, by protecting your interests!

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