New scarfing philosophy

Let yourself be surprised by the new range of scarfing products.

The new range of scarfing products comes from an innovative system of collaboration between a selected group of European users, performing in various mechanical sectors, and Sharp Metal’s technicians.

In fact, we have decided to test directly in the field the new solutions, with the aim of understanding the real needs of the operators and the limits of the current solutions in use and to provide concrete responses and high-quality results.


We have created dedicated grades, based on the material to be worked and therefore based on the ISO families

ISO P Steels
ISO M Stainless Steels
TEMPERED MATERIALS Tempered materials

Overview of Sharp Metal grades

Hardness ISO P ISO M ISO K
15 YP15T GM15T BP15T
25 YP25T GM25T BP25T
35 YP35T GM35T BP35T
Technology CVD PVD CVD

Range of products

The illustrated products are only a part of the main solutions in use
Sharp Metal counts more than 3000 types of molds available.

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